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Sky Glamper


Landscape, Planning, Interior





Phetchabun, Thailand

Building Area

Approx. 5 rai


- Million THB

'Sky Glamper', the glamping & café is a camping-style resort located at Khao Kho, Petchabun Thailand. The owners intend to re-style the resort to be more outstanding.


The main purpose of landscape design is to make more attraction areas. First is the communal zone, located behind the access, that included a coffee camp area, natural playground, flea market area, seasonal flower field, gathering area, and outdoor movie area. The communal zone’s role is to welcome all the guests and also support resort guests. For the transition from communal zone to private zone, we added a welcome garden to separate public and private area. Private area zone, we place rooms on different levels to elevate guest’s view and for more privacy between rooms.


Architecture Design emphasize on a new style of camping resort, Caravan’s style is used to design our new type of room. Half circular roof on the rectangular layout is made from metal structure enveloped by tent fabric. For Lobby Building, we alsouse half circular pattern façade to replicate the caravan’s style room.


Interior concept is 'Star chasing at Sky Glamper', Sky Explorer is the concept of our interior design. We design the ceiling by using hanging fabric to represent the night sky and transparent roof for guests to stargaze when they’re lying down. Not only the night sky ceiling we also choose explorer theme furniture to match our interior concept.

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