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CV12 The Residence



Residential, Renovation


2021 - 2022


Bangkok, Thailand

Building Area

150 sqm


3.5 Million THB

'CV12 The Residence', is a serviced apartment located in the center of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 53 alley, where owners and their family lived and wanted to renovate their spacious room into a new way of living in an apartment.


The main purpose of renovating this room is to expand the living space for family and to bring more natural light in. Firstly, we rearrange the interior space by demolishing a wall that divides the room and blocks the light from outside. All the living spaces are connected from the balcony, living space, and dining space to the cooking space.

For material selection, we carefully select an engineering wood floor that feels like real natural wood. Not only the feeling of it, but we also use the light color floor in the living area to brighten up the space and make the room look more spacious. In our client’s private area, master bedroom, and walk-in closet, we use the dark color floor to make their private space cozier and more luxurious.


Colors – We choose different colors for specific spaces, in living spaces, we paint walls all white and add a dark natural marble wall to make this space look more modern. Master bedroom, we combine white and dark green colors matching the dark color floor. Daughter’s bedroom, we combine light brown and white colors. To make the room look more lively and not too simple.

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