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Baan Ngamwongwan


Architecture, Interior, Landscape,



2021 - 2022


Bangkok, Thailand

Building Area

480 sqm


10 Million THB

'Baan Ngamwongwan', The most typical houses in Bangkok are closely packed together with neighbors. The concept intends to maintain a certain level of privacy but still open to greenery, ventilation, and natural light.

With modern vernacular architecture concept in mind, the house was designed to be breathable which is Thai key ambiance. The Thai element adjustable timber façade was used to be sunlight screening and control the natural ventilation of each spaces.


Chann, a Thai element which is the multi purpose large balcony was placed to connect the open plan layout of the living area and represent the owners' warm hospitality and lifestyle, ensuring that they have the flexibility and expanse of space to welcome guests frequently.


A good flow outside-in and inside-out living spaces provides a seamless environment for family. A triple space garden links each floor and provide the building with enough daylight and fresh air on every floor. The house combines lifestyle in a contemporary Thai atmosphere and facilitates the smart home system to provide convenience to users with all ages, including robots.

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