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Baan Pitanon


Architecture, Interior, Landscape,

Residential, Commercial


2021 - 2022


Chanthaburi, Thailand

Building Area

235 sqm


5 Million THB

'Baan Pitanon', Home x Pharmacy, which designed by new approach through natural ambiance. A house combining residence and pharmacy retail shop. The primary concept of designing this house is to separate public (retail) area and private (residence) area.


In the first level, the pharmacy and house have dedicated access for privacy sense. The inner court, located between them is not only separates the living space and the pharmacy but also acts as the focal area for the family members the pharmacy customers. Designing a court in the middle of the house can bring more natural light and natural ventilation into this building.


The second level is a family area, using a ventilation block become beautiful façade to make the area more private and the pattern of the façade is designed by considering of the sun's direction to bring the comfortable living

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