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Baan Ayutthaya


Architecture, Interior, Landscape,

Residential, Hospitality


2020 - 2021


Ayutthaya, Thailand

Building Area

400 sqm


6 Million THB

'Baan Ayutthaya', the house is located by Chaophraya riverfront. Thai house elements reinterpreted in today perspectives. The owner was born in Ayutthaya, the historic province of Thailand.

The owners dream this house would become the vacation home for their family members  and friends. 

The house was divided into 2 small buildings, one for the owners and another for the guests to create the sense of privacy and order. This character represent a group of Thai house which is Asian vernacular house style .

The ground floor planning was designed as public area which always welcome guests and friends that always visiting. According to characteristic of local Thai habit, the ground floor was designated as kitchen and dining which acted as living and activities area. Those areas were semi outdoor to let the landscape which connect to the magnificent Chaophraya river ambience flow into the space inside with natural light and ventilation. A seamless connection between nature and manmade.

The wooden stair led to the upper floor was designed as private area for resting. The large open multi-purpose wooden patio was for leisure activities and connected to all bedrooms.

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